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Making Life Bubbly, with Lava Lamps

Does your child love bubbles? Maybe you've thought about keeping bubbles in a jar. How can we make that happen? Maybe it's time to try making your very own Lava Lamp!!


  • 1 clean plastic bottle

  • Water

  • Vegetable Oil

  • Fizzing tablets (such as Alka Seltzer)

  • Food Coloring


First, fill the bottle up about 1/4th with water.

Next, pour the vegetable oil in the bottle until almost full.

Then, add a few drops of your favorite food coloring.

Last, break your fizzy tablet in half and drop it into the bottle.

What You Can Teach Your Child:


● Colors of the Rainbow: What color do you want to use? Red, Green, or Yellow?

Worldly Knowledge:

● Oil and water will separate when you put them together.


● Following instructions: Pour in the oil, Squeeze a few drops of food coloring

● Quantity: Fill the bottle with a little bit of water. Now we need more oil. Even more than that...

● Describing what you see: What do you see? I see the oil on top of the water...I see bubbles coming out

Extra Ideas!

  • What happens if you put the cap on after dropping the fizzy tablet in? What if you drop a whole tablet in? When it stops bubbling, try sprinkling some salt into your lava lamp. What happens?

  • Give it a big shake or turn the bottle upside down (with the cap on), what will happen?

Try this cool experiment at home and show us your creations and thoughts! Have fun! #science #resources #speechwithinreachslp #lavalamp #family

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