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Tiffany J Chen
Hi! I'm Tiffany

I'm a bilingual (Mandarin/English) speech-language therapist. I am currently working in a social enterprise, ELG, in Shanghai, China. My role there is focused on providing bilingual speech-language treatment and improving service provision across the city. Currently based in Shanghai, previously in New York for 4 years. Born in SoCal, raised in Taiwan. Things I love: anything SLP related, boba, dogs! Areas I am passionate about: Autism, AAC, Aphasia, multicultural issues,​ and multilingualism.

Q: How did I begin as a Speech-Language Therapist? 
A: It's hard to say when exactly I started to dream about becoming an SLP. The earliest I remember was in my sophomore year of college (2012). The seed of my dreams was planted, while I was googling for a a career that would I allow me to use my creativity, my bilingual advantage, neurolinguistics, and face to face human interaction. Three words, twenty-three letters-speech language pathology.

More specifically, I was interested in the relationship between the brain and how language is acquired. At the same time, was also volunteering at a community center with the special needs (e.g., autism, cognitive delay, Down's Syndrome) population. The sense of achievement from assisting them achieve independent skills was like no other. Their appreciation helped me find my calling and that is when my dreams became rooted, and I became devoted to a career that would help people communicate. 

Q: Why do I love being a Speech-Language Therapist?
A: Must I say more? The creativity to use anything-from shaving cream and food coloring, to a box of medicine, and maps, anything can be used in speech-language therapy. Learning- I am always learning something new, whether it is a new research approach or from my patients. By the way, my amazing patients have taught me how to pick a good sail boat, astrology, American history, and more... Most important of all, just the pure thought helping people is enough to keep me going on!

Q: What can I help you achieve?
A: Well... the list could go on and on, but here's a simple breakdown. 














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