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How to Have a Blast a Home

Sorry to interrupt your day, but if you were wondering how to have a blast a home with your kids. I have another fun science activity for you and your bundle of lava. With all these puns, maybe you’ve figured out the activity- DIY, safe for home, volcanoes!!


Ingredients you will need:

  • Baking soda (several tablespoons)

  • Vinegar (I cup or 8 oz)

  • Food coloring (or paint)

For extra precautions, you can lay down some paper or wear an apron to avoid any mess

Here’s how to make the volcano:

First, mix the paint/ food coloring with baking soda

( You can use as much baking soda or as much paint to get your favorite color or a desirable size)

Next, add some water bit by bit and mold the baking soda into a big triangle

(If it doesn't stick together, try mixing in some dish soap- it works!)

Then, scoop the top of the triangle out

Last, pour the vinegar on the top, sit back, and have a blast,

What we can learn together with our kids:

Learn About Volcanoes:

  1. What is a volcano?

  2. Where can you find a volcano?

  3. Why does a volcano erupt?

  4. What happens when a volcano erupts?

Here's a helpful video to teach your kids about volcanoes!


  • Size: Whose volcano is big? I have a small volcano.

  • Quantity: how much do we need? Let’s put in more color

  • Fast/ Slow: Look, The lava is running fast!!!!

  • Cause-and effect relations: Why did the volcano erupt? Because We put in the vinegar.

For some added fun, put your farm animals next to the volcano, or make some pretend trees to build a scene. Then create a story together about a volcano erupting!

Have fun creating!!

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